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How uFollowit Works...

Whether you are a shipper, a freight broker, a transportation carrier, independent owner/opererator or a consignee; with uFollowit™, it's easy to collect and distribute instant proof of delivery (POD) of shipments, track your freight and manage your documentation either for payment execution, process efficiency or compliance.

  • Increasing cash flow by reducing invoicing and collection times
  • Scheduling automated check calls to drivers
  • Allowing customer to self track loads 24/7
  • Reducing customer calls to customer service
  • Empowering drivers to send compliance and freight related documents from the cab
  • Acquiring real time signature capture
    uFollowit™ Proof of Delivery
  • Monitoring routes live
  • Tracking the freight without the additional recurring expense of a satellite system

What is uFollowit™?

uFollowit™ is the easiest to use smartphone and/or tablet based document capture / management, tracking and proof of delivery service for the transportation and supply chain industries.   uFollowit™ provides instant event triggered alerts through email and SMS messages. Events are location-based and time stamped and delivery confirmation can be done with pen or voice signature of the consignee.   uFollowit™ leverages industry standard integration methods and security features.

For more information; watch our video above, or request additional information or a demonstration.